Mandurah Yoga Classes

These are Open classes suitable for beginners who regularly exercise and experienced yogis. You will be encouraged to explore a broad range of yoga postures and extend yourselves gradually in class and over time.


Attention is given to form and alignment for maximum therapeutic benefit. This style of yoga is also highly recommended for sportspeople.

With regular practice, this approach releases, rejuvenates and strengthens your body, as well as calming and relaxing your nervous system to encourage balance and flow in your life.

You can start anytime, do your first class with us and then decide whether to join for the rest of term depending on how you go.  Unlike gyms and health clubs, there are no direct debits.

Men are also encouraged to attend.. we have more couples and men in these classes than most other open classes.

Lead a healthy and active life for longer! Sleep better, live more comfortably, enjoy life more fully and be happy!

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“thanks Kim for your awesome yoga classes. Posture is not my strong point and standing for long periods of time has taken its toll. Yoga has helped build much better core strength – and straightened me up!  I feel so much stronger and more flexible. Yoga has also helped me to relax and be stress free! Two classes a week make such a difference. I have never felt better!” Emma B Mandurah


Call Kim to book

Ph 9527 6449 :-)